Les Chaudments No4

A fashionable version of the classic ballet wraptop with matching legwarmers in intriguing purple. The luxurious knit is a beautiful contrast with the transparent flower-patterned ballet skirt. Perfect over a leotard, or chique over ballet leggings. In this outfit you will feel elegant and comfortable for sure —

Les Chaudments No3

This versatile outfit is indeed great for balletclasses. The superfeminine ballet dress fits perfectly over a leotard. The formfitting bolero keeps your shoulders warm, yet your posture stays visible for your teacher. Together with these original balletsocks, this is a perfect outfit for all ballet related workouts —

Les Chaudments No1

Delicately knitted ballet top with matching knitted shorts and extra long legwarmers. Ideal for warming up at the barre. The flexible cord and extended waistband allows you to wear the shorts high or low. A perfect combi with these ultrafine knitted legwarmers, made of the finest cotton. A luxurious feeling is guaranteed —

Les Chaudments No5

An ideal outfit for the balletprofessional and almost pro’s. This original ballet crop top keeps your core muscles warm, without hiding your lines. The high-end legwarmers with subtle pattern in matte bordeaux are a wonderful match. Including these micro danceshorts this trendy set lives up to the high quality standards of consious women of the world —

Les Chaudments No2

Super wearable and elegant outfit for ballerina’s of all levels. The sheer and stylish ballet skirt is made of the highest quality Georgette and has an extra long ribbon tie. It matches perfectly with this sheer knitted ballet top and legwarmers. The subtile pink colour is surprisingly sophisticated and chic —

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