David Laport

Ballet meets Fashion


At BALLETONIST we have had a crush on David Laport for years. As true groupies we must admit, we are in total admiration of his creative energy. We have been inspired in our quest by the way Laport connects Ballet with Fashion. For every project, every design, every concept elegantly crosses consisting borders. And so we are touched, because his delicate creations and featherlight fashion look sharp as a razorblade.


Design Genius


David Laport graduated in 2012 from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Haque in The Netherlands. Internationally praised for his sculptural, weightless couture, Laport launched his own label in 2014. Previously he presented a complete collection at Paris Fashion Week and received the prestigious European Woolmark Prize in Milan. In 2017 he created a limited edition outfit for department store Hudson’s Bay. Laport has been involved in various collaborations involving ballet, film, photography and design.


Monumental Lightness


The designer absolutely shares BALLETONIST’s ballet passion, even from a technical perspective. His creations surely relate to the distinct contrast in ballet, of physical strength and optical lightness. Laport’s signature was set with his already iconic 2012 collection of handmade Tutu’s that are monumentally sculptured and look deceivingly delicate at the same time. David Laport: ‘Dance allows the feeling of movement and expression that always plays an important role in my designs. I see the dance movements almost as an extension of the designs. They bring the clothes to life and the dancers give a new approach to the designs’.


Costume Design for Opera & Ballet


David Laport and Dutch National Ballet have collaborated on several occasions. For the prestigious International Young Patrons Gala, Laport created a special collection of costumes for a choreography by Peter Leung, Young Creative Associate of the Dutch National Ballet. ‘Vocalise’ was a stunning performance of one soprano and five ballet dancers in the creations of Laport. For this unique collaboration Laport and Leung used the poetry of music, tekst, movement and sculptural design, to express the emotions of the performers. The one of a kind costumes all breathe that distinct sculptural lightness by David Laport and all materials, fabrics and textiles of the costumes have been developed by hand.


Sculptural Flowers


At the opening night of Amsterdam Fashion Week 2018 David Laport showed his SS19 collection ‘Sculptural Flowers’. Actually the origin lies in his partnership with Peter Leung for Vocalise, where Laport took his designs to life by turning them into living sculptural flowers. From there the concept blossomed into a full collection.

Laport: ‘Many things come organically. For this collection I took the inspiration from dance & photography, taking the concept for Vocalise further step by step. I must admit it was quite a challenge to make the designs suitable for ballet, as the dancer should be able to move limitless. Plus I wanted to cross boundaries from a fashion point of view. But ultimately everything came to life in a stunning stage performance’. Laport has been asked by stars like Solange Knowles to design her dress for the Met-gala. His commercial success also allows him to grow creatively; ‘Light, feminine and classic but always with an edge’ according to David Laport.


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