DellaLo’ is one of the most beautiful high-end ballet brands worldwide and one of our stylists favourites. Founded by a former ballerina, DellaLo’ stands out for handmade leotards and tailor-made dancewear.


Ballet Couture

Lorella Ferraro is the founder of DellaLo’. She started dancing at the age of four and became a professional ballerina. Lorella was born in the Paduan countryside in Italy and raised with strong family traditions. The women in her family taught her everything that a young lady must know. As one of the most important skills she learned how to sew, thus a needle and thread was put in her hand, even before she was able to write. Still not knowing how this could be useful in the future, her grandmother used to say: “Just learn the skill, then you may put it aside for later “.

During her career as a dancer, Lorella also learned that patience and dedication is critical for achieving great results. Her personal on and off stage dance experience is incorporated in every sophisticated design, featuring the most graceful color combinations. Constantly developing new, innovative collections, DellaLo’ uses only the most delicate and highest quality of materials. The designs are based on strong aesthetic vision and detailed care of look & feel. Hence the little trademark of DellaLo’ that is specifically placed on every single design. Her handmade leotards and accessories are probably best described as ballet couture.


Building a Brand

It is the passion for the harmony of movement that lies at the heart of DellaLo’.Today DellaLo’ is a solid team of professionals who, together with Lorella, are devotedly building this beautiful brand. All team members are constantly looking for perfection. The steady growth of the company is the result of careful listening to customers’ needs. They want to look beautiful at any time, want to be practical and comfortable, without any concession to their elegant appearances.
Maybe more than others, dancers wish to be inspired by the garments they wear, according to DellaLo’. A dancer’s outfit should reveal their identity, as well as their aspirations. With so much combined effort in the love for dance and haute couture, DellaLo’ is conquering more and more hearts worldwide.
For sure this is not an regular ballet brand as DellaLo’ uses high-end Italian fabrics only. In combination with her couture quality craftsmanship, every item is handmade and utterly unique.


Connecting Missions

BALLETONIST recognizes and supports DellaLo’ in her mission. In close cooperation with the DellaLo’ team, we have carefully chosen an exclusive selection of leotards, which will bring out the best in your every move! You will look & feel absolutely beautiful.
The designs that have been created especially for BALLETONIST all have little hidden secrets. You will experience extra support around the breast area. Also seaming has been strategically incorporated, for that uplifting fit. Perhaps needless to say, that these luxury leotards are perfect for fashionable ballerinas who aim for the best!
Spoil yourself and order your handmade couture leotard here, for sure you will dance & feel beautiful…..


Yours Sincerely,