Gaynor Minden is an authentic global ballet brand, established by the daughter of a ballet school founder. Famous for her innovative pointe shoes, it is the favourite brand of many prima ballerina’s!

Gaynor Minden opened its doors in New York City in 1993, having outgrown its first home in John and Eliza Minden’s small Manhattan apartment. With only one, part-time employee and one product: the patented pointe shoe that Eliza Minden had developed over the preceding eight years — was the first successful modernization of ballet’s iconic footwear.

Gaynor Minden is committed to dancers’ health and education is stronger than ever. For over a decade our “Eat Right” campaign has helped raise awareness of disordered eating, using our website as a resource for help and information. Eliza Minden’s The Ballet Companion, (Simon and Schuster, 2005), continues to be a definitive reference book for students. Gaynor Minden gives lectures on ballet history, pointe shoe construction, and injury prevention at dance schools and summer programs throughout the country. We maintain a Facebook page that offers interesting, educational, or amusing non-commercial, dance-related content. Our web site aims to be an informative and lively resource for dancers, their teachers and parents. Our Studio Awards Program enables local dancewear shops to help deserving students by providing them with shoes and dancewear. We are proud sponsors of the students at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School, North Carolina School of the Arts, and others.

Apparel and Tights
Gaynor Minden began producing leotards in the late 1990’s, in a handful of distinctive styles that were markedly dressier and more fashion-inspired than typical studio wear. The apparel assortment also includes a popular line of tights in a large variety and increasing colours. Pure softness hugging your legs!