Les Contemporains

‘Les Contemporains’ is a capsule collection of fashion for ballet, dance, fitness, barre workouts & more. Every outfit in this contemporary collection has been carefully curated by BALLETONIST and can be completed with perfect matching modern ballet shoes. All products have been selected for their high quality, comfortable fit and support. Why hold back your fashion sense during your dance classes & workouts, show your style!
And of course we understand that adult ballerinas are much more self-conscious than when you were a child. We do know where your body could some extra support while looking utterly elegant in flattering colours. Cherish your true & unique beauty and rest assured that your dance outfit is up to standards every time!



Our premium dance leggings provide you with that distinct ballet look and secure your beautiful shape, while allowing you to move freely. Start stylish in black leggings with strategic backseam, for an elongated look of your legs, and then a dash of colour. You may want to check out the luxurious unitards made of a brushed cotton-lycrablend, with a velvet feel. Available in contemporary colours, which easily match your unique style.



At any barre workout or contemporary dance class you will feel comfortable in a professional dance top. Choose a model with integrated bra, for extra support, or be utterly elegant in an original ballet top, designed for and by ballet professionals. Perhaps you feel most confident when wearing a flowy tunic that just covers your feminine curves, without hiding your lines. For sure you will outshine everybody with understated glamour…..



You may need that extra pair of modern ballet shoes, since it is wise to change them regularly. “les Contemporains” includes the latest innovations in ballet shoes. Especially designed for maximum freedom of your feet. Our modern ballet shoes are suitable for ballet & stretch classes, barre workouts and more. They are available in two colours, black and tan. Both colours will match your contemporary ballet outfit perfectly. The colour of your choice can be indicated easily during the ordering process.

Les Contemporains! For contemporary & elegant dance outfits, perfect for ballet, dance & fitness!

Yours Sincerely,