Les Hybrides

‘Les Hybrides’ is a capsule collection of fashion for ballet, dance, fitness & Leisure. Every outfit in this versatile collection has been carefully curated by BALLETONIST, focussing on luxury materials such as cashmere and bamboo-blends. Each item is a perfect combination of comfort and class, providing you that ultimately elegant dance style, without any fuss or fidgeting!
And yes, we even added those well preserved ballerina secrets, picture-perfect items that also keep you comfortably warm in between classes and on the go! Still, only the most stylish colours and premium quality have been included. All materials wear soft on your skin, have a fitted look and will not restrict your movement in any way. Plus we love the little details, the velvet ribbon, the lurex thread, the velvet lining of your ballet hoodie, for that understated, sophisticated chic…..



No more worries about style clashes with your delicate leo’s. Our Hoodies & Jogging are a beautiful match! We focused on comfort for the sensitive skin after a truly fulfilling workout. Snuggle up in cashmere blends and velvet details. Our capsule collection of streetwear keeps you comfortable during warmup & cool down. The beautiful designs will guarantee your effortless elegance. Also check out the chunky knitted bolero with lurex thread. It is the ideal Fashion to Dance cross-over…..



For our sauna-collection we choose the multi-purpose unitard by Grishko. The sauna effect of this professional version ensures that your body temperature can be maintained during & after class. They are silent, offer free movement with maximum comfort for your perfect pre-routine. The material is easy to slip over your leotard, while still offering full practicality. You can roll up the legs, or roll down the body, the ultra-thin fabric will never look bulky. Looking as stylish on the go, you can adjust the style & fit to your need with easy accessible drawstrings. Absolutely a true dance basic for pretty performers!



Have you ever wondered, how those professional dancers can look utterly stylish in their Ballet Booties? While you only dare to enjoy them comfortably inhouse? Here are some “nice to knows”. Ballet Booties have been designed to keep the dancers feet warm, at-any-time. So before, during and in between classes and performances. Thus they should be easy to put on & off as quickly as possible. Hence the drawstring, which should be placed at a strategic point, to preserve your grace indeed! Another specific aspect of Ballet Booties, is that they should fit over your point shoes or ballet flats. Thus they should never be snug, as you just do not want to keep changing your balletshoes or pointes. So just check our Limited Edition Ballet Booties in royal blue. We promise these are simply the best, most elegant, furry dance luxuries you can find on the planet….

Les Hybrides! For Luxury & Leisure, perfect on the go to your ballet, dance or fitness classes!

Yours Sincerely,