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The Horror of Passion

Pointeshoes | Balletshoes | Ballet Fashion | BALLETONIST

about dancing on pointes _____ Some stories just need to be shared. A sneak peak behind the beauty, about dancer’s perseverance, despair and starting over new. Be inspired….. Dancing on pointes: it’s every ballet girl’s dream. You will look incredibly graceful with those ribbons wrapped around your ankles. And your…

David Laport

Ballet Fashion | Nationaal Ballet | David Laport | BALLETONIST

Ballet meets Fashion _____ At BALLETONIST we have had a crush on David Laport for years. As true groupies we must admit, we are in total admiration of his creative energy. We have been inspired in our quest by the way Laport connects Ballet with Fashion. For every project, every…


Zhembrovskyy Ballet Dance Fitness | BALLETONIST

Ballet Dance Fitness _____ Every now and then we stumble upon outstanding locations. Stunning studio’s, unique ballet schools or breathtaking theatres. Here we will share some brief impressions, for you to vist, experience and enjoy…   Zhembrovskyy Ballet Dance Fitness is indeed a unique ballet school. The beautifully designed ballet…