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For your inspiration, here we will share more information about our carefully selected products. About ballet basics, specific dance requirements and professional tips & trics. Just to make you feel extra confident and enjoy…


So, let’s talk more about the ultimate ballet basic. A beautiful ballet leotard is a perfect start for your ballet wardrobe. Adult dancers may of course have specific needs about style and fit. When staying safe with a basic black leotard, this should have accurate support around the breasts and straps should be adjustable. But did you know that ballet leotards also come in many sophisticated designs and colours, that will even highlight your personal style. Then when attending your favourite ballet class you will look effortlessly beautiful! And blend right in with any dance level, with your perfectly styled ballet look!


The classic leotard


A classic leotard is always suitable for ballet classes and barre workouts. For example the basic leotard from the exclusive BALLETONIST collection has preformed cups for extra breast support and gives remarkable support in all the right places. Also our other leotards are made of innovative micro-fibre material mixes, have strategically placed seams and double lining. A ballet Leotard with sleeves can also be very classy in delicate combinations of colour and materials, such as transparent mesh. We value a flattering fit as highly as an integrated bra. Thus the leotard should fit nicely around your bottom and not too tight. Leotards from BALLETONIST are the perfect match for self-confident ballerinas with an eye for excellent quality.


The fashionable version


And perhaps a fashionable version of the ballet leotard completes your personal style. How about a leotard with integrated shorts, for a super trendy look, that is still elegant and comfortable. Or a leotard with a front zipper, that you can wear both open or closed, depending on your mood or changing climates. Take your time to browse our virtual boutique, and discover that a leotard from BALLETONIST is always extra special…


Designed by ballerina’s


Our carefully selected leotards have been designed by, or in close cooperation with professional ballerina’s. So we know exactly what is comfortable for dancing and remains beautiful under all circumstances. A professional leotard is made of ultra soft, breathing fabric, that has a comfortable stretch. Our leotards are the result of many tests, on- and offstage, for an optimal fit that complies with your every dance move. Also nice to know, our fabrics have a special finish preventing odours. Because we understand as no other that you did not achieve your ballet goals without many sweat drops. A professional ballet leotard is indeed the perfect choice for dancers of any level!


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